IDOT approves red light cameras for already safe intersections

Ten years ago Illinois legislators allowed Chicago-area suburbs to install red light cameras, but with the caveats: The state transportation department would need to approve them, and only for the most dangerous intersections. But a Tribune analysis found that often didn’t happen. More often than not, these cameras were placed at intersections that didn’t meet the state threshold to qualify for a camera.

For this story I created an interactive map showing camera locations in the Chicago suburbs. These cameras were then coded by different metrics, selected by the reader.

Here is a link to the story containing the map. If the link is dead, an archived version is here.

Where crashes happen at red light cameras


A follow-up story (archive) explored how often suburbs agreed to issue tickets based on reports from the camera vendor. Some municipalities only agreed with the vendor 11 percent of the time that a violation was indeed a violation. Other municipalities issued 99.9 percent of all suggested tickets, rubber stamping the videos in seconds. For this piece I created another interactive map, this time with an accompanying interactive chart.