Illinois firearm ID database explorer

A Tribune analysis of previously unreleased Illinois State Police data shows that as many as 27,000 Illinoisans over the past four years have failed to surrender or otherwise account for their guns after police stripped them of their Firearm Owners Identification cards. And as many as 30,000 weapons are unaccounted for, despite laws that require people who lose their FOID cards to turn their guns into the police or transfer them to a legal owner.

To accompany the story I created a lookup that allowed users to search for cities or towns in Illinois and see how many licenses had been revoked, how many revoked license holders had not transferred their weapons and how each town compared to others.

Here is a link to the piece.

User navigate the application through the search bar or the map.

I was the primary designer and developer for the presentation. The interaction is done in JavaScript, using d3.js and Leaflet to draw the map. The app is fed data that was compiled and analyzed by data reporter Cecilia Reyes.

I kept several things in mind while designing the presentation: Readability, context and navigation.

Users can easily read through the visualization and get a sense of what statistics mean through a narrative approach. To put each place into context I shaded municipalities by the rate of noncompliance, which also tied into the ranked chart at the bottom. To navigate the user can search, or use the map as the primary means for exploration.

An overview of the application.