Mapping the 2019 Chicago mayoral election

In 2019 14 candidates vied for the title of mayor of Chicago. After the general municipal election in February I created an interactive map that displayed the results. Graphics editor Jonathon Berlin followed up by creating several graphics that ran below the maps.

Here is a link to the piece. The Chicago Tribune website recently switched over to a new CMS, which broke many of my interactive pieces. I am in the process of fixing them, so in the meantime I am including links to off-site versions.

I created these maps using d3.js, Leaflet.js and QGIS. I spent time before the election working out a system to ingest and clean data from the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, then display it with as much automation as possible.

Lori Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle faced each other in a runoff in April, a race that Lightfoot later won in a landslide. I also created maps for those results.